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Antique reclaimed Thin Brick

Genuine reclaimed brick and stone from historic buildings create a one of a kind look for your project.

Thin Brick
Veneer and Paver

Our beautiful reclaimed brick thin veneer products are cut from genuine vintage building bricks that we salvaged from demolition sites across southern states in the US.


These high-quality brick facings give you the character and durability of the originals along with the installation convenience of the veneer. Sliced into 5/8″ thick brick veneer tiles, they are infinitely adaptable for interior or exterior projects.


Interior brick veneer is very popular in both commercial businesses and residential buildings.

Note: not all colors represented. Contact us to discuss the perfect brick for your project.

Carolina Reds

A 19th-century reclaimed brick makes a striking design statement even today. Several shades of dark red can be found in these used building supplies rescued from a wide range of demolished buildings throughout the the south.

Old Chicago

These Old Chicago antique bricks are reclaimed from demolition sites in the Northwest United States and will add a century of architectural history to any home. There are many of them featuring a stamp that reads "union made," a testament to a tradition of quality craftsmanship. They come in different shades of buff to pink.


Riverside veneer and pavers create unique interior spaces, walkways, patios, and driveways. Available are colors of green, brown, and specs of black and white mortar. Reclaimed riverside bricks come in multiple colors with virtually endless pattern options.

St. Louis Reds

Reclaimed old St Louis bricks come in a wide range of colors and sizes, creating an Old World look reminiscent of the Italian countryside. Creating the effect requires a broad range of colors, including deep red, purple, orange, rose, and genuine white mortar stains.

Carolina Thin Brick
Carolina Paver.jpg
Chicago Thin Brick
Reclaimed Brick Chicago Paver
Riverside BACKSPLASH.jpg
Riverside Paver.jpg
St Louis Paver.jpg
Flag Stone 25.jpg

We're In Love With Our Patio

“We have used building materials from New Orleans Brick on several projects. The antique flagstone contribute to the sense the stone has been in place forever.”

Richard D.

Trophy Club, Texas

Stunning Project & Satisfied Clients


The Result is Wonderful

“It was such serendipity that I found you all. I desperately wanted to use antique brick in our house and you were so great to find the perfect brick that fit our budget. Thank you!”

Private Homeowner

Plano, Texas

Reclaimed Hard Tans used to install backyard patio

Better Than I Imagined

"Our backyard patio is perfect! I wanted a neutral color and you were able to find a hard tan that was better than I imagined"

David M.

Dallas, Texas

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